"Madison Gold, quality landscape rock"
"Madison Gold, quality landscape rock"



Q: What is Madison Gold?
A: Madison Gold is our brand name used in reference to our product line of decorative landscape rock.


Q: Do we deliver?
A: Madison Granite operates as a wholesale producer. This means that we DO NOT have trucks available for dispatch. We recommend that you contact your landscape service provider or visit any landscape materials yard to facilitate the method of delivery and installation.


Q: Do you have any other colors?
A: Madison Gold products are homogeneous in color. However, the size and amount of fines are significant variables to consider when making the decision on which product best suites your needs and preference.


Q: What is the price?
A: As a wholesale producer we do not have a set price we can provide to the individual consumer. Market price is set by the retailer.


Q: What is the difference between: minus, sized, screened, and washed products?
A: Please reference our “specifications” page.


Q: I have a pickup truck and a trailer. Can you load me on site?
A: No. Due to state and federal regulations, we are unable to serve the general public. We strongly recommend you visit a landscape supply yard located throughout the valley.